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We are back in full force again, I am training a new group of investigators to start working on tracking down more internet predators and pedophiles online.  Make sure you keep up-to-date with all the changes going on with IPT.  And check out the main site at:



BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Jose Barajas moved into the gated community of Tevis Ranch two years ago because he thought it was a safe community.

“We moved out of another city to come in here,” said Barajas, who is married with two children.

Barajas and his neighbors were stunned to find out recently that a group home on the 15000 block of San Marco Place has at least one registered sex offender. The sex offender is identified on a Web site as Steve Francis Mello, who was convicted for lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14.

“There must be at least 25-30 kids on this street,” said Rimpi Rai, who lives two houses away from the group home. “That’s like a playground for a pedophile.”

The group home is a Adult Residential Facility, licensed under the California Department of Social Services. It is licensed to a company called Liberty in the West.

Such facilities provide 24-hour non-medical care for adults. Mario Alvarez, a spokesman for the facility, said four developmentally disabled adults currently live there. Alvarez said neighbors have nothing to fear from the clients.

By Kathryn Gregory
Staff writer

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — More online sexual predators who exploit children are in Charleston than any other part of the state, according to the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children unit.
However, a new type of Internet protocol-plotting program makes it easier to track and catch those offenders.
An innovative computer program now allows the department to track and download IP addresses that have visited sites that display child pornography, or that have received an e-mail or a chat correspondence about juveniles.
The information gets plotted in Google Earth, and officers are able to click on boxes with individual IP addresses to see how many times a certain address has been flagged.
“You’d be surprised at the amount of cases we’ve seen,” said Detective Don Scurlock, a Nitro police officer who works with the ICAC unit.

YUMA – A man who thought he had set up a date with a 14-year-old girl instead ended up meeting sheriff’s deputies from Yavapai County.

David Garner was taken into custody for allegedly trying to have sex with minor girls.

The YCSO Internet Predator Unit used the internet to portray a 14-year-old girl. They talked to 55-year-old David Gardner, a Yuma resident, for several weeks as the teenage girl.

Investigators say Gardner agreed to meet the girl for sex and also sent a picture of his genitals at some point.

YCSO initially made contact with the suspect online posing as 12-year-old and later introduced the 14-year-old who was the younger girl’s friend. Detectives say Gardner was interested in a threesome with both girls.

When he arrived at a city park where he had agreed to meet the 14-year-old, deputies were on scene and arrested Gardner. They searched his vehicle where they found a laptop computer. After further investigation, detectives discovered Gardner had rented a hotel room where he had sex toys and alcohol waiting. That had been planned during the chat.

By Holley Nees – bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Many people keep friends and family updated on what they’re doing and where they’re at through social networking sites. However, as you type on a social networking site, you could be inviting criminals into your home.

“If I have your name, the year you graduated, and what school you went to, that’s all I need,” said Lufkin Police Department Detective Otis Almond. “I can find all kinds of different information just off of public information sites.”

By Drew Lange
Journal Staff Writer
Gerald Pride of Crookston, Minn., submitted a not guilty plea to the charge of Luring a Minor by Computer or other Electronic Means at Friday afternoon’s preliminary hearing. Pride is facing up to 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines if found guilty.
Pride was arrested on July 3 in Devils Lake at Roosevelt Park when he came to meet what he thought was a 14-year- old girl who he had been talking to in a chat room.
Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Smith was posing as the young girl in the chat room, and when he was brought to testify he pulled out over 150 pages of chat transcript ranging from February 9 to July 3. He estimated that there were around 85 days of correspondence between himself and Pride in the chat room.

Online predators more active in Pa.

Bucks County Courier Times

State authorities believe child predators who troll the Internet for naive children they can lure into lurid online chats and sexual trysts have been more active in Pennsylvania this year than ever before.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General Office’s Child Predator Unit has arrested 21 accused online sexual predators since Memorial Day, a 50 percent increase over last summer when 14 alleged pedophiles were caught between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

So far this year, the predator unit’s investigations have led to the arrest of 57 men who were allegedly engaging what they believed were minors in salacious online relationships. The “children” were actually undercover agents.

Do you children have a Twitter account? It is amazing these days how many do have their own Twitter account and they spend all day sending out “tweets” to their friends. This is a new area of the web that every parent should be aware of. It’s called Web 2.0 or, Social Networking. This is where websites no longer are only about selling things or groups, its about people, who they are, where they came from, their goals, dreams, and what they are doing right at this moment.

Why is this an issue? Well, the search engines are tired of old websites, they want fresh content. And Web2.0 is all about freshness. What does that mean? It means, that blogs, tweets, and other up to the minute postings are ranked very high and very quickly with the major search engines. And that could pose a safety risk to those that are unaware of this issue.

Did you know that if you do not mark your Twitter account as Private, than anyone can follow you? And see what your tweeting about, and you will never know it!

Did you know that when you send out a tweet, it goes into the public tweet stream? This means that people can be alerted to this statement as soon as it hits the public stream.

Did you know that the “verified Twitter accounts are only for the famous?

Did you know that you can have an unlimited number of Twitter accounts?

As a parent, I am very aware of these issues and I am very careful about what my children have access to on the Internet. I have talked with my child and everyone in my family about how easy it is to pretend to be whoever you want to be on the internet. And Twitter is no different. These Twitter accounts are easy to create and people need to stopt taking them at face vaule. That person you are tweeting with could be lieing about everything to you.

I learned a very valuable statement that has stayed with me ever since I learned it. And I would like to pass it to you, and hope that you will remember this and teach your children this. “Trust but Verify” In the world of the Internet and all the different social networking sites, this is one of the best statements ever.

So, what should you do? Do not be afraid to talk with your kids about safety on the Internet. Let them know that not everyone is who they say they are on the Internet. That there are good people and bad people out there. That they should never post any personal information anywhere. And if they do want to meet with someone that they met online, you want to go with them.

I have talked with my nephew a number of times about safety and security, and after a number of talks he gets it! No longer does his MySpace page have his phone number on it, no longer is he sending out tweets about exactly where he is, and exactly what he is doing. This to me is a success! Are his tweets boring? No, in fact he told me he gets more comments about them from his friends than before. Since these tweets are more “mysterious” than before.

If your child or someone else in your family has a Twitter account, here are some safety tips you should talk with them about.

1. Never give out your full name to someone
2. Never tweet your phone number
3. Never tweet your exact location
4. Never give personal information of any kind over the Internet
5. Ask yourself, why does this person want to follow me?
6. Is your Twitter profile private? If not, why isn’t it?

I will be updating my Journal here with more information. In the meantime, head on over to and take a look at the software I have developed to give anyone the tools they need to track down and collect evidence against Internet predators and pedophiles. And, if your active duty Law Enforcement, you can get your copy FREE.

Step 1: Get involved

One of the most very important things you can do about helping to stop Internet predators and pedophiles is get involved. How do you go about doing this? Well, the very first thing you can do is help to educate your children about the possible dangers on the Internet. Now, this might be a little bit harsh but you need to make sure you educate your children as to the types of individuals that are out on the Internet.

What do I mean by this? Well, what I mean is that there are people out there that will put 10 to be someone they are not. You need to make sure to educate your children and let them know that do not blindly accept any one as to what they claim to be. This is a major step in helping to stop internet predators and internet pedophiles.

This way at least your children will be better prepared and will look at anyone that approaches them on the Internet with a bit of suspicion. This is a good thing when it comes to the Internet, since you can be whoever you want to be on the Internet. And the internet is the playground for predators and pedophiles.

One of the things you need to think about is the fact that Internet predators and pedophiles need to find victims.  And what better place to find a victim than a social networking website that allows you to search for friends based upon age, location, background, or hobbies that you have in common.

Sit with them and watch what they do. Look at the website said they go to as well and help to explain to them some of the things that they need to be aware of when visiting these websites. Make sure you also go over with your children about e-mail and not blindly opening up any e-mail that is set to them. Make sure to explain to your children the fact that there are a number of computer viruses out there that will put 10 to send e-mail from a friend of theirs with an attachment when in fact it is the virus itself and not their friend that has sent the e-mail. now if you do suspect that the individual that has contacted your child could be a predator or pedophile then you need to make sure you know how to report an Internet predator or how to report an Internet pedophile to  the proper authorities.

Make sure that you have a current and up-to-date antivirus product on your childre’s computer. Now, the next thing you need to worry about is its great that you have an antivirus product on your computer but you need to make sure to schedule regular scans of the computer itself. My suggestion is that you set the antivirus product to scan on a weekly basis.

Next, you need to make sure that you run any regular software update on your children’s computer. Now if you’re running a Microsoft Windows computer you need to run the Windows update on a monthly basis. Microsoft updates its software every second Tuesday of the month. This is now become known as Microsoft Tuesday and is the day that you need to run the Windows update program. One of the major ways that hackers and criminals are able to break into a computer is because the computer is not patched with the latest software from Microsoft. Now just because you’re running Windows update does not mean you’re updating all of the computer. You need to also run Microsoft office update in order to update the Microsoft office software.

Another one of things you can do to help protect your child from Internet predators and pedophiles is to set up filtering on your children’s computer. What this means is able to filter the websites that they are allowed to go to and visit. This type of filtering can happen at the computer itself, or you can put the filtering in place at the firewall in your house. In the next series of articles I will be talking about how to lock down Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari on a computer. I will also cover the different aspects of walking down a firewall at your house.

Again when the biggest waste protect your children is to get involved in the activity on the Internet with your child. it is up to you as a parent to help stop Internet predators and to help stop Internet pedophiles by getting involved with your children’s activity on the Internet and helping to educate them that are present on the Internet but, also the great things that they can do while on the Internet.