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Mozillia just sent me the email notice that Pedophile Reporter for Thunderbird is approved for version 13 of Thunderbird, their free email client.

If you are not using Thunderbird as your email client, maybe its time you change.  And if your going to use Thunderbird, make sure you install our FREE plugin.

The Pedophile Reporter allows you to report any emails from a predator or pedophile, and our plugin collects all the correct information about the email for law enforcement, you don’t have to worry about anything, but clicking!

Go download it today!

The latest software from Joe, is the Android Pedophile Reporter!  Wait until you see this!  Check back next week for more!

My new android app is a full email client, and it includes pedophile reporter and mailsleuth!

Use pedophile reporter to report any emails from suspected pedophiles, and you would use mailsleuth to have an automated email header analysis done for free!